Laureates of Solchanyk Scholarship


_MG_45611Krystsina Kostseva (1988) is a graduate of Contemporary Culture (Jagiellonian University, 2014) and of Management of Cross-cultural Communications (Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, 2011). She is a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Social Research, Warsaw, Poland, specializing in cultural critics and social philosophy. Her academic interests include subcultures, political art, cultural policies, media and visual culture and postcolonial studies. Krystsina’s current research is focused on Russian chanson as a phenomenon of contemporary mass culture, its social and political aspects and impact on formation of cultural identity in Russia as well as in Ukraine and Belarus.’






Andrii Gladun grDSC_1443aduated at  Taras Shavchenko National University of Kyiv, he also holds BA diploma of National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy MA program. He  works at independed Ukrainian research institution Center for Social and Labor Research ( Now, he is MA student at School for Social Reseach, Warsaw, Poland. His research interests include social movements, contentious politics, political economy, austerity measures and social network analysis.


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